2016 BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero award in Scotland!

Rachael Halifax, 43,  a cycling enthusiast has won the 2016 BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero award in Scotland. “I am lucky to be involved with these fantastic groups that do a great job of encouraging cycling,” she said. “The commitment and dedication of all those involved in running them is inspiring.” Read more on BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/38071502

Ecohelmet wins the James Dyson Award

Ecohelmet design has won the James Dyson Award this year! It is lightweight, foldable helmet design, that would be perfect for bike shares around the world. It gets it strength from the honeycomb structure, which could be even stronger than polystyrene alternative. Read more here: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/this-folded-paper-fans-out-into-full-size-bike-helmet-180961118/

Would you report a near miss?

Cyclists in London can now report dangerous driving. It can be reported through the metropolitan police’s website: https://beta.met.police.uk/report/report-a-road-traffic-incident/ Could raising awareness of the frequency of near miss accidents help create safer roads? It is an interesting theory that (in my opinion) should be tested. I guess the only danger is to make the relationship between cyclist […]

Prepare your bike for winter

Bikes can get really damaged over winter. Make sure that does not happen to your bike, and visit us to get your bike ready for winter! In the meantime have a look at advice from the British Cycling regarding: service mudguards protection post-ride tyres second bike Read more here.

Different ways of enjoying cycling

  I see cycling as a fantastic way of improving my lifestyle. A little bit of activity makes me feel healthier and gives me independence that I need (especially since I don’t drive). What about you? What is your favourite thing about cycling? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter. Tom Hodgkinson recently […]

Why BERG go-karts?

Berg go-karts wrote a great description detailing the reasons why you should choose BERG(source): “Experienced in active playtime pleasure BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor playtime pleasure! Our go-karts and trampolines guarantee years of trouble-free playtime fun. Leader in innovation Our own team of experienced designers and engineers work daily on updating […]

How can we make our streets safer for cycling?

Sustrans recently published an interesting article on how we can make our streets safer. “For too long city streets have been focussed on the car and prioritised moving vehicles around faster and more efficiently. We seem to have forgotten the human element in our cities. With people crowding into cities across the globe, space has […]

‘Belles on Bikes’: new network of women’s cycling groups in Scotland

‘Belles on Bikes’ is a network of women’s cycling groups in Scotland, developed and supported by Cycling UK, the national cycling charity. The development of Belles on Bikes is currently fund by a Big Lottery’s Awards For All grant. Belles on Bikes aims to support women to get cycling together in a friendly, inclusive and […]