Why hire from us?

Here at EBS Cycle Centre we want to give you an unforgettable experience of exploring Scotland’s sunniest city.

Our premium range of award winning e-bikes and traditional bikes will help make your adventure in Dundee memorable.

Come to one of the coolest cities to explore the historic sites, beautiful scenery and surrounding areas.

Make a start now by downloading and completing our Cycle Hire Agreement and bringing it into the store when you come.

Gazelle Vento

£ 20

from/4 HOURS
  • Gazelle-VentoT27-blackmat_233-3_upsvs
  • Lightweight frame
  • 24-speed gears
  • Cables in frame
  • V-brakes
  • This is a sporty bike ideal for cycling around country/woodland paths and for getting around the city.

Gazelle Esprit

£ 20

from/4 HOURS
  • Gazelle-EspritC3legionbluematt_123-7_fpsvs
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • high-grade 7-speed Shimano gears
  • Extra resilient tyres with low rolling resistance
  • Exceptionally stylish and comfortable bike ideal for cycling in and around the city centre

Kalkhoff Endeavour

£ 30

from/4 HOURS
  • Kalkhoff-KH0020017v2018_28_TR_BLK_090_PRO_ENDEAVOUR-B-9-MOVE
  • 3B Move
  • 9 speed gears
  • Bosch Drive unit
  • This is a sporty ebike powered by the Bosch drive system, ideal for cycling around country/woodland paths and for getting around the city centre

Puur NL

£ 20

from/4 HOURS
  • PuurNLR7Tblack_262-6_fpsvn
  • Handy steering lock and twin-leg stand
  • Features front and rear carrier as standard
  • Cables concealed neatly in the frame
  • A versatile & classic Dutch style bicycle which is comfortable and particle.
  • The front rack makes it perfect for business and leisure use
  • Why not ask for one of our picnic baskets and turn a leisurely bike ride in to a wonderful day out.