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We've built a reputation for providing bikes that promise and deliver what our customers need. With our professional mountain bike experience and expertise you will always find quality and performance built into all our designs.


Bikes Designed for You… You can be assured that our range of Street bikes have been designed with you the rider in mind. Drawing on our vast experience and a passion for life in the saddle we look at every detail of the bike to give you the most comfortable, well equipped bike for all aspects of town or trail riding.


The cutting edge just got sharper… This range of products will give you all the exhilaration you need whether in race or leisure conditions. Each category has its own specific requirements and achieves the optimum balance between frame geometry, high tech material processing and component performance to energise your efforts.

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A bike ride in the surrounding area, to work or for your day-to-day shopping; with Gazelle city bikes you will enjoy every daily ride! From lightweight to all-round city bikes, including mother’s bikes. Go for a funky delivery bike and cycle through town in style thanks to the tough wide tyres and robust frame.


Travel quickly and easily across town with our lifestyle bikes. Tough wide tyres and a robust frame mean you can cruise through town in style. Our retro Classic, Tour Populair and Van Stael bikes are based on classics from the past. Or go for the CityZen and thread your way through traffic smoothly and quickly.


Light weight, many gears and smart innovations make Gazelle’s trekking bikes sporty mile-eaters for everyday use or remote holidays. Adjustable components such as handlebars and saddle enable you to tailor your cycling comfort. Go for the Sports Trekking with high-grade components, sleekly shaped aluminium frame and carbon front fork.


This top-flight range combines sportiness and speed with superior comfort thanks to lightweight high-end carbon or aluminium frames. Collaboration with leading partners such as Shimano, Bosch, Magura, Curana and Continental ensures many components are integrated perfectly into these bikes. The use of high-grade components reduces maintenance on these bikes to a minimum.