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Two ways to get an interest-free loan to buy your own e-bike

By 3rd January 2019Uncategorised

As we write this it’s the start of 2019, and if, like us, you’ve been making some resolutions to be healthier and fitter in the new year, we wanted to let you know about a couple of ways to make it easier to buy an electric bike.

E-bikes are a phenomenal way to get lots of the benefits of cycling – exercise, fresh air, faster commute times, saving money and more – without many of the downsides, such as getting really tired and sweaty, or needing whole new wardrobes or changes of clothes. But there’s no getting away from the fact that buying a decent e-bike is expensive; you’re looking at somewhere around two grand for a decent one with a long life and good performance, and especially at this time of year, dropping that kind of cash is a big ask. Happily, there are a couple of financing options that can make it a deal less daunting.

The first is our own. Once you’ve chatted to us and worked out what the perfect bike for you is, we offer 0% financing over 9, 12, 18 or 24 months. That means, for example, you could walk out the door with our popular Gazelle Orange C8 HMB for a little over £100/month.

There is another option as well, though, through an incentive funded by the Scottish Government, designed to get more of us on e-bikes. With this, each household can apply for a four-year interest-free loan of up to £6,000, which could be two e-bikes capped at £3,000 each, one adaptive e-bike capped at £6,000, or one family cargo bike capped at £6,000. That last is especially great for families with little kids, as these cargo-style bikes are really great for getting about, but do require significant investment. Find out more about this scheme at the Energy Saving Trust.

There is a similar scheme in operation for businesses, and we especially encourage businesses in urban areas like Dundee to consider investing in cargo e-bikes for moving small goods quickly, directly, efficiently and with exceptionally low carbon footprint around the city.

Those two government-funded schemes are currently in place until the end of the financial year on 31 March 2019, but we’re hopeful they will be renewed. But if that’s too little time to get yourself sorted out, we don’t have any plans to remove our own financing options even beyond this date, so there’s plenty of opportunity to treat yourself to a bike that is sensible, economical and exciting. Come and visit us at City Quay in Dundee to discover for yourself why e-bikes are not just practical but crazy amounts of fun too!

(Prices, rates and other details correct at the time of publication.)

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